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Dedicated to bringing contemporary documentary photography to a wider audience using pop-up exhibition spaces.

Championing emerging contemporary photographers and other visual storytellers.

Past projects

In 2020, we successfully held our first project was the 5 day exhibition Safe As Houses in Peckham, and then, as the Covid19 crisis took hold we helped to organised the fundraising print sale Prints For Food.

More projects are still to come.

Safehouse 2, Peckham, London
4-8 March 2020

This exhibition took its title from a 19th-century phrase connoting security and stability. Set within a dilapidated Victorian townhouse, Safe as Houses recognised that for many, home is anything but. The surrounding rooms have been reclaimed by three photographers investigating what happens when the sanctity of home crumbles.

It brought together vital projects by three photographers who have documented issues of domestic abuse across Turkey, Brazil and the UK. For Domesticity, Claudia Agati explores the transformation of home from safe space to a place of violence, through the stories of three British women and the unassuming household objects that became instruments of their abuse. In Julia Blur’s Ce n’est pas Moi, tightly-cropped photographs of intimate interiors attempt to communicate the effects of patriarchal oppression experienced by two Turkish women. To create All Conceivable Freedoms, Nayara Leite burnt the childhood photographs of LGBTQ+ Brazilians expelled from their family homes: a destructive act that echoes their experiences of rejection.

Learn more about the exhibition here.

Early on in the unprecedented Covid-19 emergency we were approached with the idea of a print sale to raise money for The Trussell Trust – a charity supporting a nationwide network of food banks in the UK. We ran an open call asking for photographers to donate their images for us to print and sell with all profits going to charity.

We were proud to sell images by the following great photographers - we can't thank them enough: Alice Zoo, Ameena Rojee, Anastasia Orlando, Aran Diez, Chanel Irvine, Christopher Bethell, Claire Arnold, Doma Dovgialo, Edmund Clark, Erica Zelante, Felix Diemer, Gemma Taylor, Greg C. Holland, Harry Truman, Hugh Kinsella Cunningham, Ian Howorth, Ivan Tomasevic, Jack Lowe, Jamie Sinclair, Katie Waggett, Lewis Bush, Lucas Lehmann, Mateusz Baj, Poppy French, Sam Mellish, Shira Gutgold, Simon Lipman, Yorli Mendoza, Zoe Savitz.

The sale was in collaboration with and some great supporters of our work: Eva Clifford, Claudia Agati, Doma Dovgialo, Felix Diemer, Harry Truman and Aran Diez.


Chamber is a curatorial collective, run on a non-profit basis. Our current members are:

Phillip Job

Phillip is a London based photographer.

After working as an actuary for 15 years he left to get and Master’s degree in Photojournalism & Documentary Photography.

His interest in helping people influences his photographic practice and extends to championing the work of others.

Ruby Rees-Sheridan

Ruby is a London based curator.

Her research interests revolve around contemporary Japanese photography, collaborative practice and the networked image.

She has a First Class MA in Art History and Museum Curating with Photography and a BA in Art History and English Literature, both from the University of Sussex.


insta: chamber_curation


t: 07736 670 021